Chronically Curvy is an ode to all the little Black and brown girls who've been made to feel less beautiful, smart, valued, or loved. Sharing my journey openly and authentically to uplift, inspire, and unify Black women, Black little girls, and anyone who can relate to or be inspired by my journey.  Unabashedly sharing the woes, victories, and the flat out fed ups of a very real lived experience of a curvy black woman with two chronic illnesses.




To the beautiful black and brown women and girls who felt unwanted, and not valued…I was you, I am you! I love you, and your existence is not only wanted, but absolutely needed. This is a space for you to be a Black woman, a Black little girl, with no restrictions of the intersections you may live in. BE YOU! The world can't exist without us being US!



I've learned that being a husband is the most important aspect of my identity, and I am a husband first and foremost. I didn't grow up seeing pure Black love, and I thought masculinity was measured by how tough you are. My wife has been my anchor on my journey through manhood, and she consistently challenges me to up my love game.

Letters to My LoveLee Wife is a collection of my experiences as a husband. I started calling my wife my LoveLee when we were dating (her name is Leah). We've been together since we were 17 years old, and after asking her 3 times to marry me, we finally legally tied the knot in December 2016.

My wife is my best friend and ride or die, and I'm hers. this has been the key to our longevity from teen years through adulthood.

I share my wins and fumbles, as we overcome daily struggles with her chronic illnesses, my mental health, our family, and various lessons I continue to learn as we strengthen our marriage. Follow along, as I figure it out as I go, share your experiences, and offer your own wisdom, too.